Frequently Asked Questions

Will Servicing My Vehicle With All American Wheeling Void My New Car Warranty?

No it won’t – we have certified technicians and use better than standard OEM parts & fluids. We also stamp your logbook, replace your service sticker, and retain your vehicle records for future reference.

Is All American Wheeling An AAAA Member?

Most definitely! This means you’re dealing with a reputable and experienced automotive workshop that has endless automotive resources nationwide.

How Can I Make My 4X4 Vehicle Turn Heads But Capable?

You are in the right place! Call us today on (07) 303 626 85 and start your build now! Don’t have a build? We can source and modify a 4X4 for you ready to hit the hardest trails and look good while doing it!

Can I Get A Road Worthy (Safety Certificate) On My Vehicle?

Yes! All American Wheeling is an approved safety inspection station for all vehicles weighing up to 4.5 tonne.

I’m Buying A New/Used Car… Can All American Wheeling Help Me?

Yes! Pre-purchase inspections are available for all light vehicles.

Can All American Wheeling Complete All Types Of Repairs?

Yes we can! Servicing, complete vehicle fit-outs, air conditioning, EFI servicing & diagnostics, brake system overhauls, differential & gearbox rebuilds, clutch replacements, tyres & balancing, tow bar fitting, custom paint, insurance claims… the list goes on! Check our services page for more info.

Is All American Wheeling Open On Saturdays And Sundays?

No, unfortunately our weekends are kept for resting our technicians and admin team – which they usually use to go wheeling! Head over to the club AAW 4X4 Inc. if you want to join them!

Can All American Wheeling Organise A Tow Truck For My Vehicle If Needed?

Yes! We can happily organise a reputable company to tow your vehicle from point A to B safely and efficiently if requested.

When Asking For A Quote Will I Receive A Breakdown Of Both Parts And Labour?

Yes, we will advise known expected costs. However, as you can appreciate, sometimes other worn, faulty or suspect components become obvious after initial inspection. In this instance, our technicians will provide our educated and evidence-based explanation & recommendation on how this could have occurred, then the choice is yours!

What Is The Warranty All American Wheeling Offers On Their Work?

The entirety of work carried out on your vehicle by All American Wheeling, including services and repairs, is 100% guaranteed. Customer satisfaction is our top priority!

Racing and Competition Not Covered

Warranties don’t cover the costs of repairing damage or conditions caused by racing, nor do they cover the repair of any defects that are found as the result of participating in a racing event.

What Methods Of Payment Does All American Wheeling Accept?

All American Wheeling accepts bank transfer, American Express, VISA, Mastercard, EFTPOS, Cash, and now Openpay – a buy now, pay later option!

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